Effective Disinfecting Services

Maintaining the cleanliness of your home or business is more important than ever with the recent pandemic. Even before COVID-19, Midwest Pest Control has provided quality and effective professional disinfecting services for our customers. If unwanted pests have invaded your space, you want to ensure the health and safety of your home or business.

Bugs and rodents can carry bacteria that infect humans with dangerous viruses and diseases, some being deadly. We understand that disinfection and sanitization of your property are vital when you have a pest problem. That’s why we offer add-on services to clean all high-touch surfaces in your treated areas and mist your property using specialized equipment. If you want pest sanitation services in Broken Arrow OK, contact us today!

VitalCean Sanitization

If you want a whole-home treatment with quality pest control, we’re here to help! Contact us today to schedule your VitalClean services!


    Our trained technicians carefully wipe down all high-touch surfaces in the treated area. Then, they apply a misting application using specialized equipment, and let it dry undisturbed, typically for 10 to 15 minutes.

     VitalClean kills 100% of Bacteria and Viruses on Hard Surfaces. When applied at full strength in accordance with the product label, this powerful disinfectant will kill 100% of bacteria and viruses on hard, non-porous surfaces and will also sanitize soft, porous surfaces.

     Our VitalClean disinfectant is rated by the EPA as Toxicity Category IV, their lowest toxicity rating, defined as “practically non-toxic and not an irritant.” 

Professional Disinfecting Services for Commercial Businesses

Why VitalClean?

Our affordable disinfecting services use VitalClean to kill bacteria and viruses left on your property from unwanted visitors. VitalClean is a powerful disinfectant product that is also safe and eco-friendly. Our trained technicians use VitalClean to wipe down all high-touch areas in the pest control treated areas of your business. Using specialized equipment, we then apply a misting application that dries within 10-15 minutes. You’ll be back in business before you know it!

Residential Sanitization with VitalClean

Your home is the most important place you go. The health and safety of yourself and your family are the most significant concern of most residential customers. Whether someone in your house is recovering from an illness or you’ve had a recent pest problem, VitalClean is the solution residential customers need to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and disease from their homes. Our professional disinfecting services give customers the peace of mind they deserve knowing their living space is safe for their loved ones.

VitalClean carries the lowest toxicity rating from the EPA. That means it’s safe for you, your children, and even your pets! It’s eco-friendly and mild on skin, hard surfaces, and fabrics. It’s also EPA-approved for use in residential kitchens without the need to wash or rinse the areas after application.

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