Effective Pest Control Insulation in Tulsa

Proper insulation doesn’t just increase the energy efficiency of your home or business. It is also incredibly helpful in keeping out unwanted pests. Midwest Pest Control technicians are experts in rodent resistant insulation installation. Our whole-home solutions adequately insulate your attics, crawlspaces, and basements, giving you extra defense against intrusive pests.

Pest and rodent repellant insulation can be sprayed on top of your current insulation to create a more effective barrier that keeps mice, rats, and other pests out! At Midwest Pest Control, we use blown insulation to fill the gaps and cracks in your insulation, creating a complete layer of protection that enforces better pest control and energy efficiency.

If you need affordable and effective pest control insulation installation, we’re here to help. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your options.

Avoid Unwanted Visitors with
Mouse Resistant Insulation

Adding pest resistant insulation to your property could be one of the most valuable upgrades you ever do. Not only will you save money on energy bills, but you’ll also have an EPA-approved barrier that diffuses moisture and keeps pests out. For more information on our quality, affordable insulation services, give us a call to schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

Mouse resistant insulation can also help keep out common bugs and insects like:

● Cockroaches ● Silverfish ● Ants ● Termites ● Centipedes ● Millipedes ● Spiders

Energize your home

Inadequate insulation can lead to heating and cooling loss.  We offer whole home solutions that can help protect your house against this loss as well as help provide some protection against unwanted pests. This includes special insulation for your attics, crawlspaces, and basements, that not only insulates, but gives an extra defense against intrusive pests.

pest resistant insulation

The Best Insulation For Your Home

First, one of our trained inspectors will come out to your home and assess your current insulation needs.  This inspection will help determine the appropriate solutions to help your home. 

Then, your inspector will create a plan based on the findings and discuss which option is best for you. 

  • T.A.P® insulation is an environmentally friendly insulation for your attic and walls. It is made of 85% certified recycled material and is the only pest management product labeled by the EPA that bears an Energy Star® label. Adding T.A.P® blown insulation to your home can provide a preventative approach to saving on energy costs year round and may help protect your home against many common household pests like roaches and ants.

  • ComfortZone® is an innovative and cost-efficient radiant heat barrier that can be added to your attic or garage to help save energy, prolong the life of your HVAC system, increase your storage space, and help protect stored items in your attic and garage

Lastly, we continue to monitor your home and make sure you are continually satisfied.

Pest Resistant Insulation Installation

Our mouse resistant insulation is treated with a unique formula to keep rodents out! We use state-of-the-art equipment to apply fire-retardant, environmentally-friendly, rodent resistant insulation to your home or business.

At Midwest Pest Control, we use a revolutionary insulation product called T.A.P. It is made of 85% certified recycled material. It is the only rodent repellent insulation labeled by the EPA and bears an Energy Star label. Adding this blown insulation to your home can provide a preventative approach to energy savings and protect from common household pests like roaches, ants, mice, and rats. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a skilled insulation installation technician.

Affordable Rodent Resistant Insulation

While installing pest control insulation costs home and business owners an added expense upfront, the cost savings benefits provide customers with a valuable return on their investment. At Midwest Pest Control, we deliver affordable solutions to keep your home or business protected from common household pests.

When you hire our team, you get effective insulation installation from the most skilled technicians in the local area. With the right team, you can create the most effective protective barrier to keep your home or business safe from pest damage. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our reliable team members.

Benefits of Rodent Repellent Insulation

There are several benefits to installing pest-resistant insulation on your property. These include:

  • Money savings from increased energy efficiency
  • Increased home comfort with better climate control
  • Less chance of fire spreading with flame retardant properties
  • Improved air quality with mold and fungi resistant properties
  • Eco-friendly solutions
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